Barlowe Ferrumcarcer

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As the twilight ferrumcarcer expanded across the twilight zone, it inevitably came across a region that was incredibly rich in iron. A population quickly established itself in Barlowe Temperate Coast and evolved into the Barlowe ferrumcarcer.

The Barlowe ferrumcarcer lives deep in the sediments of its range. It requires no oxygen and instead metabolizes on the plentiful iron oxide found around Barlowe. However, if exposed to oxygen, the Barlowe ferrumcarcer will make use of it. The iron-based cell wall of the Barlowe ferrumcarcer often oxidizes when near the surface of the substrate, giving it a distinctive rusty color. Unlike its ancestor, it rarely produces auxospores, as it rarely experiences harsh conditions due to the abundance of food and iron. However, polar populations are known for producing auxospores during the winter. As a result, they are the most divergent from the original Barlowe ferrumcarcer population that first appeared in Barlowe Temperate Coast.