Vicious Little Notback

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The Vicious Little Notback split from its ancestor. This small carnivore has narrow tentacles with claw-like teeth at the ends, which it uses to grab and pull burrowing prey right out of their burrows. It will also hunt small non-burrowing prey. The tentacles can have their length extended by squeezing hydrostatic fluid into them from its head, which can be helpful in probing an especially deep burrow. Its tail fin is greatly enlarged, helping it to release excess heat in hotter conditions.

To reproduce in the dry hot desert, the Vicious Little Notback has developed a more effective amniote-like eggshell which retains moisture better. Its hatchlings are more developed than its ancestor’s, resembling miniature adults rather than weird worms. Due in part to its smaller size, it is somewhat faster than its ancestor.

The Vicious Little Notback is, as its name suggests, vicious—particularly in intraspecific combat. Rather than only trying to intimidate one another, competing males will actively fight, sometimes inflicting severe injury. They still will not intentionally kill one another, but the fights can leave nasty scars. This aggression can extend to its scavenging habit, as it will willingly attempt to fight creatures twice its size to steal carcasses. Like its ancestor, it lays eggs in its burrow, and it is mainly active at dawn and dusk.