Thornback Waterworm

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Thornback Waterworm

Thornback Waterworm (Fluvius Scavalous)

Ancestor: Gilgan Waterworm

Habitat: Colddigger Polar Coast, Elerd Temperate Coast

Size: 40 cm Long

Diet: Scavenger

Reproduction: Sexual, 2 Genders, Eggs Buried in Sand

Week 26

Gen 161

The Thornback Waterworm replaced its ancestor in Colddigger Polar Coast. They have spread to Elerd Temperate Coast, became a little larger, and have become scavengers. Due to their scavenging lifestyle, the Thornback Waterworm evolved strong jaws to rip flesh from carcasses easily. Its skin has changed color to blend in with the golden sand in its environment. Its spines have hardened, becoming sharper and detachable, and its side spines have done the same. It also has evolved a more powerful tail, letting it move quickly along the seabed.

The Thornback Waterworm swims near the seabed searching for carcasses to scavenge. It is colored to look like the seabed so predators such as the Slender Scylarians and Buoyskins do not spot it. If they do, the Thornback Waterworm's spikes defend it. All of its spines have the ability to break off if they lodge into a predator, they fully grow back in two weeks. These spines deter most predators from eating them, but some still try. When multiple Thornback Waterworms with different genders meet at one carcass, they mate. Females will mate with the males with the largest spike on their top jaw. Females lack the top jaw spike. After birth, young Thornback Waterworms have the ability to dive into the sand and bury themselves to escape predators. Adults lose this ability, becoming too large.