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Salmound (Salmoundus saprobyss)

Creator: MNIDJM

Ancestor: Salmunduses

Habitat: Jujubee Ocean (Trench Floor), Jujubee Ocean (Trench Slope), Jujubee Ocean (Abyss Floor), Jujubee Ocean (Abyss Slope), Barlowe (Midnight Floor), Maineiac (Midnight Floor), Barlowe (Midnight Slope),Maineiac (Midnight Slope),Abello Midnight Sea Mount, Ethos Midnight Sea Mount, Ittiz Midnight Sea Mount,Ovi Midnight Sea Mount, Penumbra Midnight Sea Mount, Putspooza Midnight Sea Mount, Russ Midnight Sea Mount, Solpimr Midnight Sea Mount, Sparks Midnight Sea Mount, Time Midnight Sea Mount, Truteal Midnight Sea Mount, Xeno Midnight Sea Mount, LadyM Ocean (Trench Floor), LadyM Ocean (Trench Slope), North LadyM Ocean (Abyss Floor), South LadyM Ocean (Abyss Floor), North LadyM Ocean (Abyss Slope), South LadyM Ocean (Abyss Slope), Drake (Midnight Floor), Dixon-Darwin (Midnight Floor), Drake (Midnight Slope), Dixon-Darwin (Midnight Slope), Fermi Midnight Sea Mount

Size: Up to 20 mm Across

Diet: Saprophage

Reproduction: Binary Fission

Gen: 160

Week: 26

The salmound split from their genus group. They live on the sea floor, acting as the main decomposers of the deep oceans. They start life as single cells, floating in the current until they come across a nutrient source, such as a carcass or plant matter, and begin rapidly dividing. Their irregular geometric shape translates into intricate patterns on their surface, and the salt sequestered in their cell surfaces causes a sheen. These traits together make the salmounds appear like sapphires on the sea floor.