Maineiac Glasstower

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Maineiac Glasstower (Gastrozygo mainia)

Creator: Solpimr

Ancestor: Cryobowls

Habitat: Maineiac Temperate Woodland, Maineiac Boreal, Maineiac Chaparral, Maineiac Rocky, Maineiac Volcanic, Maineiac Alpine

Size: 16 cm Tall

Diet: Photosynthesis, Filter-Feeder (Cryoutines)

Reproduction: Sexual, Two Genders, Resilient gametes in fruit

Week: 26

Gen: 160

The maineiac glasstower is descended from a Box cryobowl like ancestor within the crobowl genus. They have refined their reproduction and no longer have sexual dimorphism. Instead of relying on a pollinator to regurgitate male gametes into a bowl shaped female both genders are now tower shaped and produce fruit. Fertilization takes place within the gut of a frugivore such as a minikrug or cloudswarmer and the fertilized seeds are expelled with the solid waste. The gametes have a thick protein coat which is worn away in the upper gut. Once the gamete itself is exposed male and female cells seek each other out in the intestine via chemotaxis. In the event that they are unable to find a mate they will attach to the intestinal wall, essentially acting as a beacon for gametes of the other sex.