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Flippskima (Amphibiscaleus catapultus)

Creator: Jlind11

Ancestor: Scaled Diveskimo

Habitat: Bumpy Polar Beach, Darkov Temperate Beach

Size: 30 cm Long

Diet: Herbivore (Cryobowls, Marbleflora), Photosynthesis

Reproduction: Sexual, Spawning, Two Genders

Week: 25

Gen: 159

The flippskima replaced its ancestor on Drake. It has become a territorial herbivore, due to the large amount of other small global-genus herbivores competing for its food source. It has a pair of forklift-like projections extending out of its head. It uses these projections to plow up flora for feeding. More importantly, it uses these projections to flip competing herbivores out of the way. Its front limbs are much longer to allow it to rapidly stretch into the flipping posture, and its back legs are closer to the posterior to help support itself in this pose. It's circulatory system has improved slightly to help handle the energy required for flipping, however it still has to spend most of its time resting. Other than this change, it is the same as its ancestor.

Note: the krugg being accosted by the flippskima in the image is known as Kruggetica drakpesticus, a particularly fecund variety whose diet is the most generalist of the Drake minikruggs.