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Crestagreeus (Solgroveflora sentinel)

Creator: Jlind11

Ancestor: Crestgrove

Habitat: Artir Polar Coast, Justin Polar Beach

Size: 5 m Tall

Diet: Photosynthesis

Reproduction: Asexual, Airborne Cylindrical Spores

Week: 25

Gen: 159

The crestagreeus replaced its ancestor in Justin. With no large flora to compete with it, it has grown uninhibited in size, hoarding resources in the harsh environment. Its above-ground roots now form a large flexible truss, allowing the central body to wave in the wind without falling over. If it gets too cold, it can shunt water and nutrients to the central body until conditions improve; it has lost the stalk its ancestor had, to reduce the amount of extremities. Other than these changes, it is the same as its ancestor.