Coasterlina Leafshell

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Coasterlina Leafshell (Conchophyta nauticus)

Creator: Jlind11

Ancestor: Fiest Leafshell

Habitat: Chum Tropical Coast, Elerd Temeprate Coast, King Tropical Coast, Clarke Temperate Coast, Wind Temperate Coast

Size: 60 cm Long

Diet: Herbivore (Darwin Tuffdra, Bonegrass, Candycane Bonegrass, Stalk Rastum), Photosynthesis

Reproduction: Sexual, Two Genders, Live Birth

Week: 25

Gen: 159

The coasterlina leafshell split from it's ancestor. It has become a more streamlined aquatic herbivore than its ancestor, replacing it in the coasts of Darwin. Its legs are further back on its body, helping it swim faster and dive down to the ocean floor to feed off the long-leafed flora. It's diet has expanded to include several other types of flora besides the tuffdra (thought it remains its favorite food source). The male head coloring has changed slightly, adding more colored spots to differentiate it from its related species. Behaviorally it is very similar to its ancestor.